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This card handle has provision for fixing labels on the front or side. They are made from high grade thermoplastic. This design of the card handle allows close mounting of PCBs required in density packaging.They are available in assorted colours. Rivets are supplied for riveting them to the PCB         ( Colours : Red / Black / Green / Yellow / Blue ) Ch-2.jpg (6977 bytes)CH-2
They are also made of thermoplastic and are available in assorted colour to assist colour coding of Cards.Rivets are supplied for riveting them to the PCB. ( Colours : Red / Black / Green / White / Blue )                              Ch-3.JPG (8672 bytes)    CH-3
JACKING HANDLES ( EJECTORS HANDLE ) -  PCB jacking Handles facilitate effortless disengaging of PCBs from connectors and guides in rack systems. They are used in Pairs.They are available in natural colour, material used is polyamide. Rivets are supplied to fix the handles to the PCB. Eh-2.jpg (8824 bytes)        EH-2


These card guides are designed for you with standard 19" Rack Systems. The moulded in fingers act as pressure pad to withstand vibrations and are ideally suited for Air borne, Submarine and industrial electronics equipment's. The snap fixing facality needs no mounting hardware or tool. They are available in two different materials ABS & Polycarbonet and two models CG-3 big in size, CG-4 small in size.

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CG-3  CG-4 
Cg-11.jpg (8756 bytes)CG-11 These guides are for individual mounting of P.C. Cards 1.5mm thick guides are provided with antirotation dowel and fixing screws. Material- Engineering Thermo Plastic.
Cg-44.JPG (8203 bytes)CG-44  These guides are for use in rack chassis and have fixing tabs to match 4.9 holes at 92.5 mm distance.
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